Imaginet Launches Imaginet Interactive

May 12, 2011

WINNIPEG – May 12, 2011 – Today in Winnipeg, Imaginet announced the launch of Imaginet Interactive. The newest offering from Imaginet separates itself from any other Advertising or Digital Marketing Agency by providing Digital Marketing, User Experience, Social Media, and Software Development services all under one umbrella.

One of the key offerings from Imaginet Interactive, Social Media Empowerment, helps companies get up and running with social media quickly and painlessly. “Companies are starting to realize that Social Media is the best way to communicate with their customers.” said Miguel Carrasco, Imaginet Interactive Practice Lead at Imaginet. “Many companies have tried to ignore or “block” social media, when in reality customers are having conversations about the various brands and companies regardless of their social media presence. Why not leverage this unprecedented ability to communicate with millions of people and gain valuable customer insight.”

During the launch event, Imaginet Interactive walked the more than 120 people in attendance through the last 50 years in technology, demonstrating that in fact the concept of Social Media has been around for years. During the keynote presentation “The Evolution of Social Media”, Imaginet Interactive offered lessons every company can take from past failures and successes of technology companies in the past 30 years. One of the key differentiating points between companies that are still around today, and those that have disappeared was focus on User Experience.

“Many companies forget user experience when developing software or new web sites. They focus either on ensuring the application has all the features they need, or they spend all their time getting all the content on the company web site. Unfortunately this means nobody has thought about the users actual experience of the web site or application.” said Miguel.

Part of Imaginet Interactive’s services includes:

Former UFC Champion and HD Net Fights President, Guy Mezger provided the audience with insights into how Social Media saved the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s, and how Social Media has helped his many business ventures become extremely successful.  “When given the option to hire internal staff to focus on Social Media and Digital Marketing, the math just doesn’t make sense.  Companies should focus on what they do well, and let Imaginet Interactive’s team of over 80 employees do what they do best.”

Even prior to the official launch, Imaginet Interactive had already garnered incredible success. At launch, Imaginet announced it had landed the largest SharePoint implementation in the world. When Microsoft needed a trusted partner to help Continental and United Airlines merge their customer facing web site, they came to Imaginet Interactive. When Microsoft needed a partner to help present Digital Marketing and Technology to top fortune 100 companies in New York, they came to Imaginet Interactive.

Imaginet Interactive compliments Imaginet’s existing expertise by adding a powerful marketing team to an already extremely successful software and technology company. By adding Digital Marketing, Social Media, and User Experience, Imaginet is now the only full service Technology and Marketing company in Manitoba.

Company Information

Founded in the spirit of innovation and leadership, Imaginet has been committed to helping organizations deliver outstanding business value through the use of technology since 1997. Imaginet services include Application Lifecycle Management, Custom Application Development, Portals and Collaboration, Project and Portfolio Management, Infrastructure Solutions and our newly announce Imaginet Interactive division. We have a proven track record of thousands of successful engagements and reputation for delivering results. With the recent acquisition (Notion Solutions US) we are the global leader in Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management Visual Studio services. Our organization has had continual growth and now has offices in Canada, United States and South Africa.